Modifications to Steve Ramsey’s Dust Extractor


I recently made Steve Ramsey’s Affordable Dust Extraction project and I’d like to share a few minor modifications I made to mine.

  • I used OSB instead of plywood. The sides are attached to a cleat in each corner, and the bottom is held in place by one screw in each corner going into the bottom of each cleat.
  • Instead of buying 4 separate casters for the cart, I purchased a 30″ x 18″ furniture dolly from Harbor Freight. It fits perfectly under my cart. On a side note, 3 of these dollies are used in my version of Steve’s Rolling Lumber Cart.
  • A power strip was added to the outside front of the box and the ShopVac stays plugged in to it. This also gives an outlet to plug in whatever tool I’m using.
  • Instead of mounting cleats in the bottom so the cyclone bucket is positioned in the center as in Steve’s design, there is only one cleat used on mine so the bucket is pushed to the back corner. The vac’s little-used extension tubes fit perfectly between the bucket and the cart wall. The area between the front wall and the bucket offers a good place to store the unit’s AC cord and vacuum hose attachments.