SAFETYGATE Demo and Review


The is the ultimate essential add-on accessory for ANY power tool!

From SafetyGate’s website:
“Each year, thousands of injuries occur when an electrically powered tool or machine unexpectedly starts after a power interruption. This preventable hazard is caused when a tool’s switch is left “on” after a power outage, circuit breaker trip or accidental unplugging from the wall outlet.

The revolutionary new Safety Gate™ Professional Retrofit is a simple, low cost, safety product that attaches to your tool’s power plug in seconds, providing restart protection wherever and whenever you use it.

SafetyGate works by recognizing when your tool’s power switch is left “on” and instantly puts up a protective “Gate,” stopping the flow of electricity. The bright yellow LED indicator tells you that your SafetyGate is in “protect mode.” To reset, simply turn your tool’s power switch to off. It’s completely automatic! There are no buttons to push or switches to reset.

The Safety Gate Professional Retrofit™ becomes your tools’ new plug. The ingenious locking mechanism ensures the SafetyGate will remain securely attached preventing dangerous restarts at the source.

The patented SafetyGate™ design complies with OSHA, NFPA and CSA standards in eliminating the hazard of dangerous restarts. Now, with SafeStart Systems’ miniaturization technology, owners of hand held tools and small machines can have the same safety restart protection at a fraction of the cost of devices mandated for larger Industrial machinery. Each retrofit weighs less than 5.6g (2 oz) and two retrofits can be used in a standard wall outlet.”

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